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lets dig in

Let’s dig in,

Hi Guys, I have started curating this list last week, but this is first of this t’s

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Sending calendar invites to your friends feels kinda formal when all you want to do is chat and hang out.

Earlier this week Midas Kwant launched Rodeo, an app for casual voice-only (no need to check how you look) chats with friends — no calendar invite necessary.

Think of it as a Gen Z Clubhouse for your friends. Hop on the app, start a room and your friends will know you’re free to talk. Friends of the friends you’re talking to can join too, making it easy to meet new people.

Organizing virtual get-togethers on WhatsApp, Zoom, Skype, even Houseparty to a certain extent, require some effort to organize. Instead of having to call your group or ask for time, with Rodeo, you and your friends can let each other know you’re down to talk and chat by creating a room.

This app is about expressing when you’re free, versus calling and asking if someone is free.

This subtle change can bring a whole new serendipitous world of communication to you and your friends.

Make room for more happy, accidental meetings across your friend network, by having conversations you didn’t know you’ve been missing out on.

New no-code tools this week…


Team-focused website builder

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Simple yet powerful website builder

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No-code automation for cybersecurity

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Web-based design system manager

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Yesterday’s Top Hunts

Tailwind CSS Play

An advanced online playground for Tailwind CSS

▲ 548+ Upvotes

No-code Billing Pages

Embeddable billing pages for Stripe subscriptions

▲ 396+ Upvotes

ApproveIt for Slack

Get approvals in minutes, not days. Right from Slack!

▲ 213+ Upvotes

Niice 3.0

Netflix for your brand assets

▲ 259+ Upvotes

Anything World

Create 3D worlds with your voice

▲ 305+ Upvotes


URL shortener with retargeting pixels

▲ 237+ Upvotes

Exer Studio

Your virtual workouts with real-time scores & leaderboards

▲ 254+ Upvotes


Short interactive lessons to help you do your best work

▲ 161+ Upvotes

Density Open Area

The new standard for counting people in open space.

▲ 148+ Upvotes

Parrot Mob

1-click pay by text

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