The SaaS Startup Guide— Resources & Guidelines For Running A Startup in 2021

Website Setup & Architecture

1. Technical SEO Guide for SaaS

2. SaaS Authority Website Architecture

Saas Website Security & Maintenance

Developing A Security Review Checklist — If your site is in wordpress, this will come handy

Hiring Security Resource (Dedicated/Partially Dedicated)

Enforcing Data Deletion Policy

Protecting Sensitive Data

Integrating Site Protection from Malware attack

Safeguarding Your Infrastructure

Ensuring Compliance of Audits and Certifications

Saas Security Checklist[Download]

SaaS Strategy & Frameworks

3. Building a Full-Funnel SaaS SEO Strategy

4. Integrating SEO within the Product Triangle

5. Building an SEO Moat


6. Steal Your Competitor’s Customers Using Comparison Pages

7. How to Find and Map Keywords to the Buyer’s Journey

8. The SaaS Website Content You Need to Close Sales

9. Why You Should Focus on Bottom of the Funnel First to Drive Signups


10. 5 Proven Linkbuilding Strategies for SaaS

11. Linkbuilding for SaaS Companies

12. The “Dream” Linkbuilding Strategy

Case Studies & Teardowns

13. How Zapier Used SEO to Reach $35M ARR

14. Breaking Down the Genius of Hubspot’s Website Grader

15. How HelloSign Scaled Their Traffic 1,308%

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